NDIS SDA Property

Unlock the potential of purposeful investing with properT network. Our SDA Properties prioritize the needs of NDIS participants, offering high yields and peace of mind for investors. Join us in making a difference – reach out today and discover your opportunity to create lasting impact while securing your financial future!

Why Invest in NDIS Property?

Investors who build “fit for purpose” of the NDIS and for the Participants, their families and their carers, providing a much-needed solution, are proving to be the ones who attract participants sooner and hold onto them longer!

This means as an investor, your investment is highly profitable with strong risk mitigation.

Long term tenants

High yields (12 – 16%)

High demand properties

About Us

Empowering NDIS Property Investment

The properT network ecosystem encompasses Service Providers, SDA Home Designers, NDIS Approved Builders, NDIS Care Providers and Participants through to a licensed SDA Provider, your professional Rental Manager. 

When you take advantage of our consultancy service we provide access to our end-to-end customised service for NDIS Property.


Why properT network?

Expertise in Building Quality SDA Homes

Skilled NDIS consultants focused on building quality homes in sound locations with low supply and high demand, to help people with disabilities thrive.

Commitment to Care and Success

Proud to be part of a minority that truly cares about the end-users and the success of your investment.

Investment Beyond Returns

Investment purpose goes beyond high returns to deliver a higher quality of life for those with disabilities. A do fantastic investment.

Tailored Property Selection

Tailored selection of SDA properties to meet investor requirements, budget, and location preferences. Continually seeking out locations with demand & low supply.

Comprehensive End-to-End Services
End-to-end professional services covering goal matching, land sourcing, home design, construction, property management, and tenancy.
Opportunity for Impactful Returns
Unique opportunity to enrich lives while earning substantial yields over the investment’s life.
Innovative Accommodation Solutions
Focus on creating liveable accommodations in innovative designs to meet NDIS needs and foster community connections.
NDIS Support for Investors
NDIS provides healthy housing payments to investors for purpose-built SDA houses to maximize participant independence and choice.
Risk-Mitigated Investment

SDA property investment offers high yields with risk mitigation considerations, backed by Australian law and a 20-year program with a committed budget.

Unlocking Value

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) is a
20 year program, with high yields, linked to CPI, to ensure your investment grows in value with you.


NDIS properties

Specialist Disability Accommodation Property under the NDIS – Australia wide
Self-managed super funds

SMFS properties

You have choice and control of how your Super will perform, and what you want to invest in.


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