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SDA Property

NDIS Property

Working with Service Providers, Home Designers, Approved Builders, NDIS participants through to a licensed SDA Rental Manager

When we get to understand the purpose of your investment, what your requirements are, the budget for the investment and are you location specific or open to discussion, our end-to-end professional services are designed to provide you with our one stop shop from matching your goals and objectives through to having the investment property tenanted and managed on your behalf.

Providing you the investor with a unique opportunity to enrich the lives of those in need, whilst earning yields of 12% to 16% and sometimes more.

Investing in a SDA Property under the NDIS is almost a privilege and certainly makes many positive impacts on your life but more importantly positive impacts on other peoples lives, for a very long time.

Through our providers, we ensure the home designs offer extremely liveable accommodations in innovative designs turning your investment into a home everyone wants to live in.

SDA Homes otherwise known as Specialist Disability Accommodation refers to dwellings for people with disability who require specialised housing solutions that cater to their support needs, under the NDIS.

This is a firmly embedded initiative by bipartisan Government, with a budget of $700m per year to initially accommodate 28,000 participants who are already qualified to be your tenant. With under 4,000 ‘beds’ built to date, the demand excessively outperforms supply across all categories of the initiative.

This is a 20 year program with high yields linked to CPI to ensure your investment grows in value with you.