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Already Built NDIS Properties

Looking for already built NDIS property?

Already Built NDIS Property for sale

Built NDIS Properties

Examples of already built NDIS properties

Because these properties come and go, it is not possible to list them here and keep the listings up to date.

At properT network, we are always on the look out for established NDIS Properties – BUT, they have to stack up to our stringent requirements with well designed and suited floor plans and in a location where there is demand.

The SDA property has to first and foremost meet a Participants Needs; then the needs and requirements of the carer followed by the needs and requirements of the participants family.

When these stringent criteria are met, you have mitigated your investment risk, because it is easier to source and place participants in a well suited SDA Property and hold onto them much longer than NDIS properties further out or on small, poorly designed floor plans.

Naturally, a NDIS Property which does meet our stringent requirements comes in at a higher value than one that does not. A classic case of risk versus Reward. What is the long term value of your investment worth to you?

Be very mindful of what is being sold out there, prior to signing on the dotted line!


Again very difficult to offer substantiated returns as it will be dependent on the property, market influences and your own circumstances etc.

However by way of Example only :

  • Apartments – in general, we do not touch or advocate apartments for our clients. (happy to share why when you ask, and the very select few cases we may suggest a particular opportunity). Be very mindful when considering apartments; yields on paper present excellently – but what is the reality??
  • Villa – very rare to find a second hand one but assuming we do for around $750k to $800k
    • Thus Potential yield could be around $70k for one participant villa
    • On $800k that could be around 8.75%
  • Regional House with two participants resale value $1m to $1.3m
    • Thus Potential yield could be around $56k per participant
    • On $1.3m that could be around 9%

  • House in inner suburb of say Brisbane, for 3 x participants, resale value around $1.5m to $1.6m
    • Thus Potential yield could be around $50k per participant
    • On $1.6m that could be around 9.3%

Advantages of already built

  • Could include a Participant(s), meaning no to low waiting times to attract a Participant
  • No waiting period for : land to settle; plans and permits drawn up and submitted for approvals; and construction to start and complete
    • Meaning it is saving around 12 months of holding costs
  • No construction risks, as already built, removes the risk of bringing in a builder in uncertain build climates
  • No draw downs on a loan for construction purposes will save you time and money
  • Start earning your NDIS income from time of settlement, allowing your investment to start working for you from day one.

Mitigate Risk equates to improved ‘security’ for your investment at the result of a slightly lower return on your investment.

Question is “what price are you prepared to pay to achieve the results you want to achieve?”
*all figures quoted here and or anywhere on our website are for demonstration purposes only and not taken at face value