Aside from truly helping out someone with disability to lead as normal life as possible in and amongst their communities … the benefits of investing in a NDIS Property are enormous

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What makes NDIS Property a worthy investment


Example : Property Value $650k in the Robust Category being a Dual Key dwelling with two tenants and one carer = your rental yield could be 15.9% which equates to around $110,000 per annum linked to CPI and guaranteed for 20 years

What could you do with an extra $100k?

pay off Home Loan that much faster

Pay down your own home loan, what would another $100,000 paid into your home loan do for your finances and financial planning goals! Can you imagine being debt free in just a few years time and having an extra $100,000 of income coming in whilst you are sleeping!

Boost your own retirement

Generate extra income into your Super to boost your retirement value. Again how would another $100,000 of added income change your lives!

Be able to secure other Investment properties

Use the 0k of income to pay down other investment properties. Having a lot more equity in your hands affords you an incredible chance of being financially free and being able to retire in the lifestyle you want and deserve for yourselves.

property investment in super

Investing in property in your Super or your SMSF is a prudent strategy where you are able to leverage (borrow money), have the tax man and your tenant add hundreds and thousands of dollars to your Super balance when you retire. If you have sufficient capital in your SMSF to own a SDA Property, where else could you get a yield of 15% or more, which is risk mitigated, linked to CPI and guaranteed for 20 years?

Invest in more than one property in your smsf

There is an investment strategy you can investigate implementing whereby you secure a NDIS Property in your SMSF then use the $100,000 of rental income to buy another property in your super using a loan and pay off this loan in a lot less time on the back of the hard work the SDA Property Investment is doing for you

Give more to charity than you ever dreamed possible

Give to your favourite charity, with an extra $100k of income coming in, can you imagine how many positive impacts you can make on other peoples lives less fortunate than you! “Give a poor person a fish and they will be satiated for one meal; teach a person to fish and they will be satisfied for life. The power of Giving, the power of SDA Property

a logical investment

What we are sharing with you here is pure logic and not financial planning advice and it is prudent to consult your industry professional or accountant on the strategy you wish to implement. Our role is to create and invoke thought on how to improve our chances of being able to retire in the lifestyle we want and deserve for ourselves, in educating you on the how and the what and in helping you source a property which ‘best fits’ your requirements. We invite you to ask questions so that you can come to your own informed decisions

the power of Helping some less fortunate than you

SDA Property is not only a feel great Investment because you have put your hand up to help someone in far greater need than yourself by making a very positive impact on their lives, it is also a prudent and risk mitigated investment which is linked to CPI (meaning the added benefit that your income will increase with inflation), but it is also guaranteed for 20 years under the NDIS scheme in Australia


Every adversity carries with it the seed of an equal or greater benefit