Current NDIS Housing Situation

Invest in SDA Investment Property provide suitable accommodation for someone with a disability


Are you looking for an already built NDIS Property?

No choice !


Can you imagine being treated differently in the year 2020 because you have a disability?

Can you imagine living in a retirement village with the elderly just because you are disabled?

Can you imagine living with other people you did not choose to live with because of your disability?


Can you imagine having your independent living rights taken from you because you have a disability?

Can you imagine living in a group home forced to live with others having no choice for yourself?
Can you imagine being Instututionalised, just because of your disability, where your independent rights have been removed?

Right now there are thousands of young people living in retirement villages merely because they have disability, they live with people they would never choose to live with just to get a level of care they cannot get with their parents. Their disability has removed any chance of living independently, of living amongst their communities they would have lived in if they did not have the disability. This is an awful situation no one reading this would voluntarily allow themselves to be put in!

Current group homes are also old and tired, carer support is insufficient and food provided is substandard because they do not have a place to cook in. Privacy is limited as there are always other people around. Peace and quiet is unachievable in this type of accommodations.

There is a growing number of people with disability, there is a strong demand for suitable accommodation and there are no plans by government to build such required accommodations. The dwellings of the past are unsuited to current living standards and are more like institutions where because you have a disability you have been institutionalised!

Government recognise the problems humans with disabilities are incurring, government understand the need to treat all humans equally and launched the National Insurance Disability Scheme (NDIS) to help people with disabilities, to help their families cope better and provide funding to do so.

Government recognise a dire suitable housing shortage to accommodate fellow citizens who have disabilities and so have incentivised a program through the SDA initiative to provide such housing from private investment.

Meaning, you the investor will receive an above market rental yield for putting your hand up to own a SDA property which is managed and rented out on your behalf in order to provide independent living opportunities to those less able bodied than us.

How good is that, this is one of the most incredible do good, feel great, investment opportunities we have the privilege of being able to introduce to you!

“It is our responsibility to help make a difference””

High Physical Support SDA Properties

Change how it used to be, change how it currently is by Investing in a home specifically designed to comply with accommodating people with disability in as normal an environment as possible.

Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA homes) if you drove past one in your neighborhood you would not tell the difference externally and only small differences internally. A SDA home could be sold to an owner occupier one day lending our investment capital growth potential whilst your investment in a SDA Home generates significant rental income for you. BUT most importantly allowing your tenants to live in our every day suburbs, in a great quality of life feeling like one of us, within theirs and our communities.

After all it is a disability, remove the disability and they are you and I, so why not live just like you and I?