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1. properT is not providing any recommendation, representation or guarantee in any way whatever concerning the Property or concerning any possible return of capital or interest should you determine to contract with the vendor of the Property. While properT has carried out limited investigations & inquiries concerning the Property, properT makes NO representation as to the accuracy or completeness of those investigations.

2. properT makes no warranty or representation & assumes no responsibility or liability in respect of your reservation or in any way if you determine to purchase the Property. You are strongly advised to make your own enquiries, investigations & assessment concerning the Project & the risks & benefits of purchasing the Property from the Vendor.

3. You should obtain your own independent legal, accounting & financial advice concerning purchasing an apartment/property from the Vendor of the Project before signing any contract with the Vendor of the Property.

4. Any information you may receive about the Property is of a general nature & NOT tailored to your individual financial, taxation or personal circumstances. (Including any figures & or financials shared with you prior to signing the contract of sale).

5. properT is not a registered financial planning organisation and in no way offering financial advice. Information gleaned from our website should not be regarded as a substitute for professional advice (Financial, Real Estate, Investment, Legal, Accounting etc.). We enjoy working as a part of your existing financial plan you have had drafted with your financial planner and or accountant. proper-T will help you diversify your investment vehicle to help you achieve different results. We present you with a selection of properties that we identify as opportunities that will help you move closer to your financial goals in the current economic climate we are in and walk you through the decision making process supporting your choice. properT are not vendors and represent the Investor / Purchaser at all times. We do not have any interests in the properties we represent and are remunerated by the developer or by the company representing the developer. We enjoy open and honest communications from us to you and we expect you to honour this privilege by sharing honest and open communications with us at all times.

6. Because each individuals personal circumstances are different, information provided by properT cannot be construed as generic advice for your particular circumstances; we share in our ideas and our recommendations which are to be used as a guide only.

7. We believe that all information contained on our web site is up to date and accurate in its presentation and no warranty is made as to the accuracy and or reliability of the information contained herein.

8. properT disclaims all liability and responsibility for any direct or indirect loss or damage which may occur or be suffered by any recipient through relying on anything contained and or omitted from www.investinproperty.id.au or any of our other sites

9. Risks of investing in property: Direct investment in residential property, like all investments, involves a number of risks. If these eventuate, your income might be lower than expected. There may even be none. In addition, the capital value of your investment could fall.

The key risks of investing in property are outlined below:

  • The property purchased may not provide the income or capital gains the asset was expected to produce.
  •  There is a risk that your property may for periods of time lie vacant & hence not generate income. Maintenance & repair costs are the investor’s responsibility, can vary at times be significant. Such costs are sometimes recoverable from rental bonds or under insurance policies.
  • There are a number of factors that affect the general property market including increases in supply & falls in demand; the cyclical nature of property values; increases in taxes & operating expenses; overall economic conditions; demographic changes; changes in town planning laws; casualty & condemnation losses; environmental risks; regulation on rents; detrimental new developments in the area; increases in interest rates, inflation & changes to bank funding policies.
  •  Gearing increases the volatility in the value of your investment. In the early stages of residential investment, a significant fall in the property’s value may see balances fall to less than the total amount of borrowings. Increases in interest rates often increase the cost of borrowings.
  •  Changes in laws or their interpretations including taxation, superannuation & corporate regulatory laws, practice & policy could have an impact on your investment.
  • You should seek professional tax advice before investing in residential property.

After reading our disclaimer, we prefer to work on a more personal one on one basis with you in firstly understanding your objectives, followed up with clarification and education then in helping you identify a suitable selection of what we determine is ‘best fit’ propertunities that will meet your investment strategy you share with us.

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