Help get young people out of aged care facilities

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Demand for SDA properties

“A home has a unique and significant role in our lives. It is our safe haven, the place we can be ourselves, our foundation. But every week, more than 40 younger people in Australia move into their new home of a residential aged care facility.?

There are over 6,000 young people living in Aged Care Facilities

A sad indictment on our society, you would have to agree!

The incredible Government initiative to provide Specialist Disability Accommodation to those under the age of 65 with disability needing care affords young people the opportunity of getting out of the Aged Care system.

Aged Care for young people is a form on institutionalising and is highly punitive to the point of dysfunctional. A disabled human who needs care placed in the wrong facility will merely exist and not thrive or add value. It leads to depression and withdrawal from society.

The NDIS and the SDA program affords these young people the opportunity of achieving independent living in and amongst our communities. Having a positive impact on their lives. A vital requirement for their very existence.

There is an increasing number of young people being forced into Aged Care each year and the urgency to find a solution is not only critical but problematic. It is more than 10 years since COAG identified and acknowledged that aged care services are not there to satisfy the needs of people under the age of 65 with a disability.

The problem is complex and extensive causing damage to our younger generation caught up in the wrong system.

Now you have the opportunity to step up and help by owning a SDA approved compliant dwelling as an investment property which will be home to some of these young folk affording them the incredible opportunity of escaping from aged care into more conducive and productive environments in and amongst our communities.

Rob Woolley who works in and around the NDIS since it’s inception wrote an article worth reading here

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