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Help stop young people entering into aged care facilities

Over 6,000 young people with disability living in aged care

This is a significant problem for both these young members of our society and also for aged care residents requiring a bed in the system. Aged care is totally unsuited to a young person as a permanent place to live!

It is for these reasons and others that Federal Government are now fully committed to stop young people entering residential aged care by 2022; in response to the Aged Care Royal Commission Interim Report.

A remarkable outcome for those that worked so hard to raise awareness for this dire issue.

And now with your help, we look forward to resolving this issue by providing you with the opportunity to put your hand up and invest in a SDA Home under the NDIS and to provide housing for these very souls who have a disability and just want and deserve to lead as normal a life as possible in and amongst their own communities.

You can read the press release here

Demand for SDA Homes

2 thoughts on “Help stop young people entering into aged care facilities”

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    1. Hi, if I understand your question correctly “Under the NDIS, a participant needs to be 18 years and older to be eligible for SDA Funding. They then make application for this funding in order to be able to become a participant in a SDA Property, otherwise called NDIS Property. This is why we avoid new greenfield estates, these estates primarily attract young families. Young families have young children. Meaning very few SDA Participants in those locales.
      Sadly, sales companies will more than happily sell NDIS Property here because land is cheap, and the yields look great ON PAPER! Be mindful …

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