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Interested in NDIS Property / SDA Property?

SDA Investment Property
High Yield Investment Property

You requested more information on investing in NDIS property, thank you.

Investing in SDA Property under the NDIS is a complex investment and getting your decision correct requires you to make an informed decision, by getting to know what it is about NDIS Property that you do not know. Yes or yes?

Being a complex investment vehicle with several moving parts, investing in SDA property appeals to less than 20% of investors. See below if you qualify?

In order to achieve this, you would also want to remove any emotion and the need to ‘feel or touch’ your investment by needing to invest where you live. NDIS Property is primarily for high yields … and what you do with the high income is where you will maximise your return on investment and change your future financial destiny forever.

Think of your super, do you invest your super only in companies you can drive past and see if their doors are open?

No, then why does another investment vehicle have to be where you live?

Being Mindful!

Not all SDA property being sold out there should be invested in by you. Be aware of the marketing that appeals to your greed for those very high yields and also mindful of pressure sales telling you ‘its the last one left there, so be quick or someone else will take it’, appealing to your fear of missing out!!

Investing in SDA property is complex, remove emotion, remove FOMO and remove greed for overly stated yields.

Sales companies out there telling you that you could get over $150k income pa when you have 3 x participants, what they are not telling you, (or let us give them the benefit of the doubt) – they are not aware that on average there are only 1.45 participants per SDA dwelling. So it is highly unlikely that you will attract 3 x participants; or manage to hold onto three, but you are more likely to attract and hold onto 2 x participants in a home designed for two plus a carer or one participant in a home for one plus carer.

This is a difference of 18% yield for 3 x participants = which sounds great!!! Versus a yield of 2 x participants @ 14% to 16% yield, which does not sound as great. Yet is way more realistic. So which yield appeals to your sense of investment versus your natural craving for greed?

Which best describes you
Which best describes your state of readiness
Use $'s
Put your number as a percentage.
Can tick more than one box

NDIS Consultants

We are Consultants and professionals in this space, have been doing so for the past year, meaning we do not hold stock. We do not sell. What we do is help you source a block of land to suit, in a location with demand yet low supply. Have a home designed whose generous purposefully designed floor plan will attract and hold onto participants. Have the home built for you, and then an introduction to professional SDA Providers who will source participants and manage your property (your investment) for you at realistic management fees.

Being professional and consultants in this space, our clients send us a lot of property to review on their behalf because they do not know what they don’t know about SDA Property.

On review we send back a list of questions and concerns they need to raise with the group trying to sell them their prepackaged deal. The results being that only a small percentage will go with that offer, which is too good to be true, but supersedes their greed and defies investment logic. That’s OK we cannot help everyone. The balance turn to us for help. These are the investors who motivate us to jump out of bed everyday looking to what the new day will bring us all.

Statistically – out of 100 NDIS inquiries :

  • 80% will be tire kickers, too afraid to commit to themselves or create their own fear because they have to shift outside of their current comfort zones to get new financial results they want, but which challenges their belief and current relationship to and with money so they default to being risk averse.
    • Create excuses and justify why not for them
    • “Have to invest where they live”
    • Read more here
  • 20% will consider their options seriously and are prepared to step outside of their current comfort zones to achieve improved financial results
    • They will match the investment vehicle to their goals, purpose and outcome which they do want to achieve
    • Will team up with us as consultants to help save them time, make an informed investment decision so that they can make more money.

Which category do you fit into?

Complete the form above, for the purposes of us working together to help you save time, be informed and make more money investing astutely into SDA Property under the NDIS.

We take investment property seriously.

When it comes to the complexities around investing in SDA Property under the NDIS, we know this investment is not for everyone and ask that you too take our professional consultation process as seriously as we do.

The more we get to know you, understand where you are at now financially and where you want to be by when … using property as your preferred Investment Vehicle; and the more you get to know, like and trust us at properT network – the sooner we can help you come to your own informed investment decision.

Saving you time and helping you make more money.

“When you don’t know what you don’t know; how can you make an informed decision?”

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