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NDIS Properties

NDIS Housing Options for sale
NDIS Housing Options for Investors helping Participants thrive

Not all NDIS Property is worthy of your Investment Dollars

When it comes to NDIS property (which does not suit a lot of investors), getting the investment correct from the outset is Imperative!

We hope you would agree?

Because it is a specific type of product category, aimed at a selective target audience, a more expensive build, a rather complex investment vehicle, and who the heck to you choose to listen to anyway when it comes to the Spruikers or those that are professional and perform as consultants, doing it right by you and the industry?

The purpose of this form is to achieve a more in depth understanding of what you are wanting to avoid, and as important, what do you want.

Looking forward to working with you, helping you come to an educated and informed investment decision that has the propensity to positively change your financial destinies.

Let me know where we may be able to be of assistance to you with NDIS, SIL, Co-Living, Dual Key’s and other residential investment property.

Please expand on your answer, it helps us understand what you are not wanting and what you are wanting.
We really cannot find you a property without finance approval. If you are not approved by a broker who is good at NDIS Loans, we can refer you to a specialist who does.
If open to matching the location to suit your budget and return on investment state this above.
Pick one or more than one
Please do so only if you are genuinely are committed to securing a NDIS Property. We are very good at what we do, and so we are very busy and thus can only give of our time and commitment to those who are committed to themselves. Is this a reasonable request?