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SDA Property Investment

Specialist Disability Accommodation Property under the NDIS – Australia wide

SDA Investment Property

NDIS Housing Investment
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“Your Investment for High Rental Yields of 12% pa up to 16% pa (or more)
Backed by Federal Government, linked to CPI.”

SDA Property under the NDIS, (sometimes referred to as NDIS Property), offers a very high Yield, rental income investment, linked to CPI, guaranteed for 20 years underwritten by Federal and State Governments … and also an incredible ‘feel good, do great’ investment !

“You are providing someone with disability ‘a home to call home’, and
everyone should have equal opportunity to achieve personal living standards regardless of ability.

A home located within their and our communities, providing the same opportunity as you and I of living as normal a life as possible close to work, shops, entertainment, outdoor areas, public transport, health and education.”

“Looking for that ‘feel Great, do good, helpful & beneficial sound Investment’?”

Give someone with a disability the gift of living as normal a life as possible, that includes independence and an ability to thrive within our communities. Help us make a difference, invest in and own a SDA Home to accommodate fellow humans with disability, in purposefully built homes & make a positive impact – and of course getting well remunerated for doing so. A Win Win Win for all !!!

All whilst having your investment into a NDIS / SDA Property working hard for you.

Higher Need than supply
– current supply as of March 2020 of completed and under construction properties Australia wide is only 2,956 … NDIS budgeting for 28,000 participants @ $700m per annum

Demand for sda property under ndis
SDA Property
SDA Property, gotta love the NDIS

Your Investment into a SDA Home

Secure a home which complies with NDIS requirements. Establish a new specialist house for those with disability who qualify for rental assistance and invite us to package up and take care of all of this for you.

Earn a predetermined rental income, linked to CPI, which is highly subsidised under the NDIS model to incentivise investors to purpose build a SDA dwelling.

Achieve incredible rental yields & potentially long term quality tenants by doing good for those in need.

Yields from 12% upwards to 20% and higher, linked to CPI + Capital Growth Potential.

Make an incredible positive impact on a sector of society often overlooked … those with disabilities.

We say WoW! Such a feel great investment opportunity, with upsides and a win-win for all. Private investors just like you are incentivised through “excellent returns under Federal Law.”

High Physical Support SDA Property
High Physical Support NDIS Property
460,000 Australians under the age of 65, who have a permanent disability, can access NDIS. See current demand here
An estimated 6,000 young people with disability are being incorrectly accommodated in retirement care facilities, so incredibly sad!
Unfortunately demand is increasing & supply of suitable homes cannot keep up.
“Are you an Investor looking for high yields whilst doing a damn good turn in helping someone else?”
High yields plus capital growth potential, stable long-term tenants with government-funded payments, giving you the investors security of income for 20 years linked to CPI.

“How you can help & benefit”

We all know someone who has disability, or we know of someone who has a family member with disability yes?

… BUT why are they mostly kept out of ‘normal’ society?

For people in our community with high needs, securing suitable accommodation is a major challenge!

Now a solution is on hand to provide Specialist Disability Accommodation (SDA) to our fellow humans, who qualify as participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS), who are assessed as requiring a special housing solution – designed to provide for independent living.

You the investor, for putting up your hand to own a SDA compliant dwelling, will benefit from the financial support provided to the participants, who qualify for high need disability rental subsidies for themselves and even for their carers.

What does the SDA cover?

Funding for the SDA (Specialist  Disability Accommodation) can be used by you to purchase & invest in a dwelling that is designed for NDIS participants who have high needs.

Whether that be a new build or an existing home, these dwellings are compliant to support independent living.

Why the government funding?

Providing sufficient suitable accommodation by government to meet current demand, and an unfortunate growing need is highly expensive, impractical and not possible.

Using foresight, government initiated the NDIS & SDA program on the basis of incentivising investors who put their hands up to provide suitable SDA accommodation.

Think about it : If it costs government and you the tax payer around $1m all up to accommodate one participant in the current system pa, and the government give you the investor $38k to as an incentive to accommodate this same participant … both government and you the tax payer are saved an incredible amount per year + the participant gets to enjoy as ‘normal’ accommodation as possible!

This is a sustainable, win-win-win investment opportunity for all !

SDA Investment Property
SDA Property
NDIS Property Australia