NDIS Property In Melbourne

Have you invested or thinking of investing in Melbourne?

NDIS Property Melbourne

NDIS Property Updates


The NDIS Landscape across Australia has changed, see recent article here, very important updates if you are considering investing in NDIS Property.

There are also significant changes to SDA Property under the NDIS in Victoria and Melbourne that you would want to be aware of that will impact your investment.

NB : If you have already secured a SDA Package in Victoria this short video is pertinent to you as you may not be aware of the changes.

And if you are considering investing in SDA Property and focused on Victoria and Melbourne, then tune into the short video so you are going in with your eyes wide open.

The SDA Property opportunity is still a wonderful investment opportunity. It is imperative that you do get your decision correct from the outset though!

Reach out to us, we are consultants in this space and allow us to remove the complexities and help save you time, make an informed decision so that you can make more money.