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Updates : October 2022

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What to be aware of when wanting to invest in SDA Property

The Landscape of SDA Property Investment under the NDIS has changed : in the video below we include what these changes are that you need to be aware of, what is occurring in the you need to be mindful of when looking at SDA Property options, the pitfalls of investing in NDIS Property and of course the many advantages of investing in an Investment Grade SDA Property, ensuring you get it ‘right’ at the outset.

Watch to the end as we cover off on many pertinant and important aspects of this complex investment vehicle. There are deliberate repetitions of what you would want to be aware of before you put pen to paper and sign any contract.

If you are unsure, reach out to us, send us your offer and we will review it for you and provide you with transparent direct feedback and questions you may want to ask the company trying to sell you something. This service has helped many clients make more money and also save them lost opportunity costs that would have directly affected their intended investment for the life of the investment!

SDA Property Explained

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