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Types of NDIS property

The way we work to help you maximise your return on Investment, is to put together a solution which is the ‘best fit’ property that will match your budget to maximise the yield you are wanting to achieve.

We do this by sourcing land which ticks your boxes to give you a realistic yield, we then design the SDA Home and package up the dwelling to suit the location, the demand and the return on investment you are after.

investing in NDIS property can be complex – properT network remove the complexities for you!

Effectively utilising our professional services, our knowledge, skills, experience and industry contacts to guarantee to save you time, educate you to make an informed investment decision and help you make more money in doing so.

If this is the level of service and professionalism you are wanting then reach out to us to share just what it is you are after for your investment and we will get the wheels turning for you.

NDIS Homes
SDA Properties

Types of SDA Property

Our approach allows you and I to explore various housing options which ‘best fit’ your investment requirements and dwllings that best meet the needs of those with disability in the classification which has the highest demand for a SDA Home.

SDA dwellings have varying configurations to suit different living arrangements and so we explore the options open to you the investor within locations where the need for a SDA home is high. Types of dwellings could be :

  • House
  • Dual Key, Dual Occ or Duplex homes
  • Villa
  • Unit
  • Apartment

Locations for SDA Property

Australia Wide


NDIS or SDA dwellings need to comply with strict regulation to be SDA compliant and receive government funding for rental assistance. Ensure the property you are considering is compliant or you will not be able to provide SDAMA (your approved property managers) with a head lease arrangement and thus you will not be able to receive the higher than market rental yields through this program.

SDA Property
Click above to watch Video on a recently completed SDA Home

Available SDA Property

Due to incredible demand and a very low supply property availability keeps changing. What we have access for you today might not be available for you tomorrow.

We urge you to be investment ready, meaning you have done your homework on the concept, fully understand the program and are now comfortable to secure your investment.

When you are investment ready, reach out to us and share your preferences and requirements. When we know what you are wanting and what your investment budget is, then we can go out to market on your behalf and source a selection of properties which could ‘best fit’ what you are after.

How we work

Please do not ask for stock lists, we will not give them to you!

When we get to know you better, when we get an understanding of who you are, what you are wanting to achieve through conversations, when we know that you have a good understanding of how the program works ONLY then will we start sourcing and sharing property options with you.

We take this very seriously and know the clients who are open to having discussions on a human level are also serious about their investments. If you are open to conversations then you are the only clients we will work with. Is that reasonable?

Be mindful

A property yet to be built will give you the investor a higher return on your investment. We can substantiate this.

Sure, we can through our buyers advocacy service source properties which you can turn into a compliant SDA property. We find that this turns into a complicated process and your return on investment not as significant when comparing it to a new build. If this is your preferred strategy share this with us when you reach out.

If securing a new build (or to be built) property as your preferred strategy share this with us when you complete the contact form.

And of course, if you are unsure which strategy to follow then when reaching out to us let us know.


It is unfortunate, that with every Government Incentive unscrupulous people come out of the woodwork appealing to your Greed (very high yields and return on investment) and also Fear (fear of missing out, buy now before it is gone!)

The same goes for the ridiculous fees they are charging such as annual administration fees; high management fees and other hidden costs …

You have been warned and so it is vital for you to work with reputable professionals who have your interest at heart and who also have the care in ensuring the NDIS SDA Property scheme works to the advantage of the Participants, people who already are unfortunately in a worse position than you and I who desperately want to live as normal a life as possible. Our plea to you is to look for a win-win outcome in setting aside the exact emotions unscrupulous developers are trying to instill in you to maximise their gain at every one else’s expense! Is that a reasonable request?

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