Why is Robust NDIS Property failing Participants, Carers and Investors ?

See our video below on what you really need to be aware of when considering investing in a Robust SDA Property, information sales groups are just not telling you, that you rightfully need to know.

What to be mindful of when investing in a Robust NDIS property.

Robust NDIS Property are very much needed and remain a sound investment !

BUT only when you get the floor plan, the construction and the location correct from the outset.

AND only if you are prepared and realistic about your investment, learning that there is a very strong likelihood that your Income could be 50% or so, less than you are being “sold” it could be ?

Have you been made aware of this market statistic?

The next 24 minutes can change your understanding of Robust NDIS property … took us a lot longer to research and put this informative video together for you. As consultants in this space, we take this exciting complex investment space very seriously, and hope you do to!