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High Physical Support or Robust SDA Property

SDA Housing

SDA Housing design is important to attract and hold onto participants. The purpose build properties need to look and feel just like a standard home.

Purposefully designed and built delivering high quality custom built properties to suit the unique needs of people living with disability.

How we differ

Our focus and objective each time is to deliver high quality homes that are custom built to meet the needs of participants in that location who have specific needs to make their lives that much easier.

At all times we customise the design factoring in the needs and NDIS requirements for the particular level of disability of the participants you are wanting to provide SDA housing for.

We take into consideration the requirements, privacy and safety of the participants and also the carers needs and ensure our design is complaint to meet stringent requirements of SDA Housing under the NDIS.

We excel at keeping ahead of upcoming NDIS changes being recommended as SDA Property continues to evolve and ensure we are building and fitting out for that future change, today.

Our end-to-end SDA services

Our system through which our clients who get to know, like and trust us love is :

  • Matching the Investment Vehicle (a best fit SDA Property) to your goals, investment strategy and requirements
  • We do this by understanding what you are wanting, the purpose for the investment and your budget
  • We then go out to market to source and locate a block of land to suit the above
  • Whilst we recommend and put together a customised design that the market tells us that they are needing
  • We start construction whilst at the same time start the process of looking to source participants
  • The property is then managed on your behalf, meaning we then look after your investment and your asset

What is important to SDA Participants

Their home looks and feels just like a house, located within the general communities close to medical facilities, work, shops, public transport, social needs etc.

Today qualified SDA Participants have a choice of where they want to live (the purpose behind SDA Property) and our designs are built offering high quality fittings and finishes, ideally located, built with sufficient space for easy movement and access, include privacy as well as outdoor space. We want your participants to remain with you as long as possible.

Our SDA Homes are turnkey, meaning tenant ready and we do all the work behind the scenes for you, after which we hand over the keys to the appointed SDA Rental Mangers to manage your asset and investment on your behalf. We understand the value of your investment and what it means to you.