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SDA Property Investment

Why should I invest in a SDA Property under the NDIS with a Rental Guarantee ?

Watch the 11 minute video, you will be totally surprised or disillusioned by so called rental guarantees being offered by some NDIS property providers. Hey is you still want a guarantee after watching the video, I can refer you to some groups offering these “rental guarantees”, but a bigger question is who is Guaranteeing the firm offering you the Guarantee??!?

Let me know your thoughts, or questions after you have watched. And if investing in SDA Property is a priority you want to solve to maximise your yields on your own monies … reach out to me.

12 thoughts on “SDA Property Rental Guarantee”

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  4. Hi Steven Lazar,

    Thank you for your Clear Explanation on NDIS investment in regards to rental guarantee, I had spoken to others about this, I haven not heard of the % of income with be gained by the other entity.

    I would like get in to NDIS property investing, Do you recommend me the best people to assist me, I Live in Victoria, and I am not bound to any State or Region, as long as there is demand for it, I invest there.

    Kind Regards

    1. Hello Rakesh, thank you for taking the time to comment and compliment us. We strive to be open, transparent and professional at all times. Looking forward to sharing a conversation with you.

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