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NDIS Property for a SMSF

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NDIS Property demand

You now have choice and control of how your Super will perform and into what you want to invest it into

NB: Single Contract New Build Property is now readily available to suit SMSF requirements

What would you do with another $1 000 000 in Super if you had it?

Read more here how easy it actually is

Setting up a SMSF has many beneficial merits for you and your beneficiaries, discuss this with your Financial Planner and any info shared with you on this site does not constitute advice in any form. Merely sharing investment logic, for which your industry professional can refute or substantiate.

You would be aware that industry funds under perform in the long term by averaging around 5% to 7%, and for the privilege of ‘investing’ your super with such a fund, they then take off Fees off the top of this! Think of all the “lost investment potential, compounded over the life of your super”; could easily be over a Million $’s of lost potential, compared to taking control of your super destiny and investing prudently.

Are you aware that you now have choice and control!

One of those vehicles which could return you a higher return on your super’s investment is residential property. NB!! not all property lends itself to being Investment Grade or worthy of your investment and when it comes to Super, it is a smaller percentage.

So when you don’t know what you don’t know, how can you make that important and informed investment decision as a trustee of your own Super?

The answer is you can’t! The other answer is to work with firms such as ours who understand what makes for a sound and risk mitigated investment.

From the information gleaned out of our website you would have picked up that you can now achieve yields that are substantially improved when compared to industry funds. You will also have picked up that these yields could be 12% to 16%. Where else, aside from investing in Investment Grade Residential Property, in the investment arena can you achieve such a sound yield, where the asset over a 7-10 year period is deemed low risk profile?

Another incredible investment tool available to you when investing in property is your ability to Leverage. Leverage is your ability to use other peoples money (the banks) to further grow your wealth. Investing in a SDA Property using leverage is powerful and when planned correctly has the propensity to accelerate your financial planning goals.

We now have the ability to provide you with Single Contract new builds in the SDA space to suit SMSF requirements. What this means to you is that your SMSF will now own a newly built and compliant NDIS Property, generating you returns in Super that are significantly higher than industry (and most) super funds.

Can you imagine the benefit to your super over a 10 year period when you have leveraged and when you achieve compounding capital growth + compounding rental yields escalating by CPI?? Over 10 or more years the numbers could be staggering when compared to 100% of your funds only growing at 5% – 7% year on year (less fees!).

Reach out to us to discuss how we may be of help to you and how we go about securing a new SDA property with yields that outperform industry funds consistently.

There is a growing demand for NDIS Properties, especially in locations most other SDA Marketing companies are not building in. This is an Australian Government 20 year initiative, promulgated into Australian Law under the NDIS. Irrefutable and too good not to be true and you can now be a part of the solution whilst you improve on your Super’s wealth.

NDIS property for a SMSF