We take your investment into SDA property, under the nDIS, very seriously and ask that you do also

I just love this quote!

We thank you for your recent inquiry into SDA property under the NDIS.

We strive on highly personalised boutique service and have done so for 16 years now, yet because we have received close to 300 inquiries and thus shared in over 300 discussions and countless emails, we are now finding it a challenge to keep up with current and new inquiry. 85% of inquiry come from Tyre Kickers stealing quality time you deserve to have from us.

We only want to offer you our most professional and personal attention, and so we ask “if securing a quality SDA investment which will attract and hold onto participants is a priority you want to solve”, that you demonstrate your interest and commitment to yourself by completing the short form below.

We appreciate that you took the time to reach out to us, and we value that your time is important to you. If investing in a SDA property is still a priority you want to solve, please complete the form below and we will give it the attention you deserve.

This investment does not suit 80% of want to be investors, and is ideal for the other 20%.

Meaning, if you are in this exclusive minority, and want to take deliberate control of your financial destiny, take a couple of minutes and demonstrate your own commitment to doing so now.

We really cannot find you a block of land without finance approval. If you are not approved by a broker who knows SDA property we can refer you to a specialist who does.
If not, by when can you get it?
If open to matching the location to suit your budget and return on investment state this above.
Difficult to find land today, also land that will work for a SDA property. Meaning you need to be investment ready and personally committed to reserve the land.
As per above, in this instance, you need to commit to the land prior to receiving a build contract in order to hold onto the land whilst a build price if firmed up for you. Market pressures on the back of very low land supply and high demand by people wanting to buy.
We take this seriously and are very good at what we do. Only having limited time and resources to work with, the clients who demonstrate that they take this as seriously as we do and commit to the process are the ones we can dedicate ourselves to completely. If this is you, and securing a quality SDA investment property is a priority you want to solve, we invite you to jump on board and be committed to yourself and your goals.

NB : As professional consultants in this space, we continue to see the offerings of marketing companies out there who are transactional just wanting another and another sale at your potential expense. SDA property can be complex when you don’t know what you don’t know. Make use of our unbiased and professional services so that you can make your important and informed investment decision, whilst avoiding buying out of fear of missing out or the high yields they are offering you.

For those clients of ours who opted for joining our boutique professional services acting as consultants for you, thank you for your continued confidence in us and for being so committed to taking control of your own financial destinies. The properties we helped you secure will stand you in sound stead going forwards.