Why NDIS Property

We Just Love The Fact That An SDA Property Provides Fellow Humans With A Disability A Better Life!

“You and I know, that there is a dire need, to provide people with disabilities, freedom of movement, freedom of choice of where and how to live and freedom to live their best lives independently.”

We also know how vital this is to any human being – being one of our primary basic needs.

Take advantage of our 15 years Financial Planning experience, and now a further 16 years experience as professionals in the property space.

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Invest in SDA Property

In everything we do, we place the need and purpose of the NDIS and the participant a the helm. And as important we place you our client first and foremost, matching the ‘best fit’ investment vehicle, the SDA Property to your goals and your reasons for investing. This is a massive win-win for all.

properT network have surrounded themselves with like minded value add services to ensure we deliver a quality product you participants will want to call their forever homes, in a well suited location to suit your purpose for the investment.

“You now get to make an incredible difference to those more deserving, by providing them with a purposefully suited place they can call home, within their communities.”

Our strategy is to build fit for purpose of the NDIS, the SDA Program, your participants, their families and their carers. In locations in which they have easy access to required infrastructure, with accessibility to supported services and social networks. Giving your participants every opportunity to thrive.

When you follow this strategy, we find you will attract participants sooner and hold onto them longer. Meaning a higher and consistent income for you.

Our home designs include intelligent architectural design to maximise internal and external living spaces, ease of access and usability of cabinetry. Can you ask for anymore !??!

High Physical Support NDIS Property

“your own feel great high yield, investment!”

and now you to can reach out and help someone with disability in need

Suitable accommodation has to meet with minimum standards set by government, to readily house applicants who quality for SDA funding. Our designs are substantially above these minimum standards, built fit for purpose.

The design of a SDA dwelling needs to be compliant, and built to meet with high standards, in order to achieve their compliance certificate, before the dwelling is approved as a NDIS Property and you the investor can receive your SDA payments.

What this means to the tenants is that they have the added comfort, that the home they have successfully selected, will more than meet their disability requirements.

And what this means to an investor who has secured a property which conforms to the NDIS compliance is peace of mind in their investment!

Incredible Government Funding paid to you on a monthly basis, set for 20 years and linked to CPI … when you put a new SDA Investment Property on the market.